Artist Profile: Floating Island

17 February, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

John Carey enjoying the breeze.

John Carey of Floating Island

I would like to proudly welcome our new artist John Carey of Floating Island. Floating Island is based off of…you guessed it, our very own floating island that is Alameda! If you haven’t seen them already at Modern Mouse, John creates these wonderful plant arrangements by combining air plants and locally-found materials. For those of you interested in making the world a more green and re-purposeful place, read on to learn about Floating Island.


Floating Island’s Story
“Air plant arrangements are becoming common in the Bay Area. I noticed a need for unique and locally inspired designs. Capturing Alameda elements is a goal of Floating Island.”AshtrayIn my other life…
“I work in East Oakland as a case manager at a large homeless shelter.”trifecta Did you know…
All the materials used for Floating Island were found in Alameda.



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