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Between her artwork and all of the stories behind each piece, there’s no debating that Megan Eckman of Studio M.M.E. has an amazing imagination paired with her artistic ability. I love the realness behind artists that are able to share their inspirations, especially when they come from such interesting sources! Studio M.M.E.’s prints, bookmarks and book are available at the shop; plus, her embroidery kits will soon be making a triumphant return as well. :)


I am so excited to share this news with you today that I can barely sit still while reading it.  Last December at the holiday fairs I realized that my booth needed something brighter, something bigger, something with my ‘look at me’ appeal.  I needed posters.  Big, beautiful, colorful posters.

martha inked and expanded

While this was all playing out in my mind, a woman saw my ‘Papa Pigeon’ piece and asked if I knew him personally.  It turns out that this wasn’t a silly question since the woman had taken in an injured pigeon and it had been her pet for 3 years before it passed away.  She told me all of these stories about this pigeon and then, just as she was leaving, she touched my arm and said, ‘I think you ought to know this: her name was Martha.’

Martha the Pigeon.  I loved it!  I couldn’t stop laughing when she left.  What a wonderful name for a pigeon!

That was when the idea for a series of posters came tome.  Martha the Pigeon is the first in the series, appropriately titled: Animals with Embarrassing Conditions.

martha inked and expanded

Martha’s story goes like this:

Martha the Pigeon knew she could fly.  She simply couldn’t remember how.  Ever since she had been brained by a biscuit as a fledgling, remembering things had been difficult.  That was why she confused red lights with green and empty coffee cups with ice cream cones.

Poor Martha.  She looks like a mini Godzilla going for that coffee cup.  I can’t help laughing and yet it’s not nice to laugh at animals with embarrassing conditions.

This poster is my biggest piece yet at 13″ x 19″ and it includes my hand-lettering.  (That was one of my goals for this year: get better at hand-lettering.)

The best part though is that $5 of every poster sold will go to the World Wildlife Fund to help real animals with real problems like tigers fighting extinction, whales fighting illegal hunting, and polar bears fighting for ice on which to live.  I have a huge goal this year to give $800 to the World Wildlife Fund.  Just think of all the good that money could do, all the animals it could save not just for future generations but for our generation, because sadly some may not last another 50 years.

martha being held

These posters are limited editions as well, and very limited at that.  There will only be 20 of each.  So definitely get them quickly!  I’ll be putting out 12 posters in this series this year, each with a silly animal like Martha.

Meet Martha the Pigeon | Studio MME.


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