Artist Profile: Evelyn X

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Evelyn Garcia of Evelyn X

Evelyn Garcia of Evelyn X

Hoo… Who? Who makes those cute cuddly owls you’ve been spotting around the shop? Evelyn Garcia, aka Evelyn X, that’s who! I would like to introduce to you our new artist, based in Redwood City, California. She uses up-cycled fabrics to create these plush owl dolls in various sizes and expressions. The owls also come with a secret compartment in the back, so you can hide your small treasures. If you’re as coo coo for them as we are, read on to learn more about Evelyn X’s cute and cuddly animals!

Small & Large Secret Friend Owl Dolls

Evelyn X’s Story
“Ever since I can remember I always like to make things. In 2007, I realize I had too many art supplies and creations at my house so I decided to start selling them. Why owls? Well, when I was a child my grandparents and aunts told me stories that include owls and since then I always been intrigue with the symbolism of owls in different cultures around the world. I have made hundreds of owls over the past years and no two are ever the same, they all look different just like real owls do. When you buy an owl from my shop you will always get one of a kind art piece made with my own two hands :)”
EvelynXIn my other life…
“I graduated from San Jose State University last year with a BA degree in Art – Studio Practice. I am still looking for a job to start being part of the work field.
But as of right row, my handmade business is my full-time art job :)”
Did you know…?
“I love Math and I even took Calculus and Engineering classes in college before deciding to change to art. I learned to hand stitch when I was 7 years old.”

Owl Phone Case


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