New Stuff: Artists of July

10 August, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

The latest artists from July are quite the eclectic batch! Four entirely different categories from four different cities, that doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you find yourself in a world of sweet scents, cute creatures and colorfully crafted wares. We’re always finding ourselves in this midst at the shop, surrounded by these friendly folks’ magnificent minds coming to life. From silly cards to beautiful new jewelry, we’re sure you’ll love these additions to the ever-growing list of amazing artists at the Mouse!

Hooray Today

Alyssa Nassner & Allison Black

Minneapolis, MN

Collage, New Stuff

There’s nothing quite like cute animals in bow ties and brightly colored cards. Those are two of the secret ingredients that has brought Hooray Today to life! Whether you have birthdays, thank yous or just a simple greeting, these ladies have some awesome designs for you to choose from.

Summer Sequoia

Megan Bre Camp

Oakland, CA

Collage, New Stuff

Megan Bre Camp’s tallow creations are a throwback to our wise predecessors that believed we shouldn’t be using body care products that aren’t safe for our insides. In addition to these amazing solid perfumes, Summer Sequoia also has very ambient slow-burn candles for your home!

This Little Bird

Amber Long

Santa Maria, CA

Collage, New Stuff

Get ready for some super cute hand-sewn accessories! This Little Bird has been crafting some multipurpose pouches, perfect for pencils, makeup and everything in between. If your pocket or purse is in need of some simplifying, her little wallets would also be a perfect organizational tool.

Becky Irvine

Alameda, CA

Collage, New Stuff

Alameda’s very own Becky Irvine is now at the shop! Her sterling silver and red copper jewelry is beautifully crafted right here on the Island.


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