Artist Profile: Artery Press

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One of the things I love about linocuts or most prints pulled from a press is the embossing that is left behind. It’s a physical memory that someone (the artist) took their time to plan, draft, carve and pull this print to share with the world. I’m very happy to introduce to you one of our newest artists that does just that, Bernadette Martinez from Artery Press! Bernadette hand pulls all her prints herself and even shares her knowledge and work through workshops in her studio.

Bernadette from Artery Press

Bernadette from Artery Press

Artery Press’s story
“I am a transplant from Southern California coming from the Ontario Arts District, and now an Alamedan Artist. My printmaking started with workshops held in Self-Help Graphics located in East Los Angeles. I was inspired to start learning the intaglio process because it was an archaic process that has been revived and respected.

My style has progressed to Linoleum cut coming from many intaglio styles: Plexi-etch, copper, sugar prints, and woodcut. Currently, I share the knowledge by holding workshops or art walks.”


In my other life…
“I make sure departments are compliant with their financial process and transactions. I also travel to visit my daughters in Southern California, Las Vegas and Texas. I am happy enjoying my free time with my boyfriend taking excursions or just walking around the Island.”

three-1Fun facts
“Did you know I don’t finalize a sketch until I’m gouging the plate? I only create the focal point then add-on aesthetics and textures freestyle.”

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