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Hooray Today! Just saying it puts a smile on my face. :] Those of us who love cards and bold graphics, so everyone, rejoice! Hooray Today creates fun and colorful stationary that will brighten up anyone’s day, any day of the year. Allison Black and Alyssa Nassner founded Hooray Today in 2014 as a creative outlet from their day jobs. They are based in Minneapolis, MN, their cards having traveled great distances to bring smiles to you and your card recipients!

Allison Black and Alyssa Nassner

Allison Black and Alyssa Nassner

Hooray Today’s Story
Hooray Today is a stationery company founded by illustrators and product designers Allison Black and Alyssa Nassner. After several years of working as corporate designers they both felt the need to bring joy and humor back to their creative process. In April of 2014 the pair joined forces to create Hooray Today, a company that revels in everyday moments and turning the mundane into something to be celebrated. Their initial product launch consists of bold, vintage-inspired patterns and typography, fruit-faced characters and quite a few sassy cats!


In our other lives….
Both Allison and Alyssa work full-time as apparel designers for Target Corp. in Minneapolis. Their designs grace infant/toddler girl clothing and newborn onesies as well as gift cards, social media projects, and special promotion apparel.




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