Ears, Eyes and Nose: Reagan’s Gift Guide

28 October, 2010 0 comments Leave a comment

[caption id="attachment_1402" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Clockwise from left to right: Oven Mitt by girls can tell :: Cell Formation Earrings by Emily P.S. :: A Positive Dose Planner by bylee design :: Roll-on Perfume by mi SPA"][/caption] Part 2 of Reagan's gift guide! Firstly, I’m going to dish (ahem) all about girls can tell oven mitts.  Oven mitts are extremely valuable in my opinion, especially after the traumatizing event of completely misjudging the thickness of a tea towel at the age of 12.  I LOVE the way girls can tell does her screen printing- all by hand!  Each screen print is slightly different, making each item a one of a kind bundle of awesomeness.  Lunch bags, oven mitts, cloth sets, coasters and bottle cap openers, she’s got it down.  One of my personal faves is the airplane diagram oven mitt.  A simple, functional, white oven mitt with a sick sketch breakdown of a jet plane planted dead center.  Looking super chic while pulling that casserole out of the oven has never been so easy. Recently, my ears have made new best friends with Emily.  Emily PS, that is.  I remember day 1 of my Modern Mouse adventure, learning all about our artists.  Fascinated by all of the sheer, utter talent that laid every way I turned my eyes.  Day 1 was the day I realized that I loved Emily PS, and all of her insanely shaped body decor.  She draws her inspiration from growth of all kinds.  To quote: “I love to watch things grow, in a petri dish, in a flower pot, where ever.”  I had had my sights on a particular pair of cell formation earrings for months and months, and finally submitted to what would have been inevitable.  Cell and ear finally united, creating a perfect union. Keep calm and carry on. My life can at times be anything but calm, especially given my organizational habits.  My purse could be featured on animal planet as a prime habitat for post-its and paper scraps dated back to, I don’t even want to know.  If this reminds you at all of yourself, well I’ve got an answer for ya.  Bylee Design is our newest artist.  She does an amazing job of being ÜBER green, and I’m not talking about jealousy folks.  Although, I do think that’s the emotion you will all start to feel upon realizing what you are missing out on.  Come on down and check out Bylee’s monthly perpetual planner, equipped with a weekly to-do list, extra blank and goals pages.  Printed in soy-based ink, acid-free, recycled, white lignen free 70-lb text and bounded with animal-free glue.  The cover and back page of these amazing planners come with uplifting and motivating slogans: Think Positive, Live the Dream, Taking It One Day at a Time, and Keep Calm and Carry On. Last but not least, Mi!!!  My skin and hair have been having a longtime love affair (and by that I mean about 6 months, heh heh) with MiSpa. My nose completely fell head over…chin(?) with the coconut lemongrass scent.  From candles to bar soap, this scent smells good errrywhere.  My new favorite form of smell conveyance comes in a very portable and fresh form, roll-on essential oils!  Not only does my skin ooh and ahh with moisture (not like yucky alcohol based parfumes), I smell yummy! Pretty much the size of the chapstick or lipstick you already carry around with you, you can get an extra boost of flavor for an on the go pick me up pretty much anywhere.  Hallelujah!


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