Yokomono Studio at Modern Mouse!

29 October, 2009 0 comments Leave a comment

We're serious fans of crafts with a Japanese flavor, so we knew we had to have Yokomono Studio in the house. Powered by designer/creator Yoko from her studio in Berkeley, California, Yokomono Studio offers dainty handle bags, quilted lunch bags and tissue box covers in some tasty fabrics. [caption id="attachment_282" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Lunchbag by Yokomono Studio"]yokomono_lunchbag[/caption] Aside from being fun to say, we like the Yokomono name because of its meaning too. Mono (pronounced with a long "o") is Japanese for "things, articles, objects", so Yokomono = things brought to you by Yoko. Clever! Thanks for being a part of the Modern Mouse experience, Yokomono Studio, and welcome welcome welcome! » See our full roster of designers.


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