Tinysaurs at Modern Mouse!

22 October, 2009 0 comments Leave a comment

Uh huh that’s right…TINYSAURS!!! As in, miniature dinosaur models. That you assemble yourself. How fun is that?!? And good for your brain too. We got mad love for Brooklyn metal artist Kelly Farrell for sending some Tinysaurs our way.


Trained in jewelry and metalsmithing, Kelly now spends her days making tiny creatures laser cut from oak tag paper. And we’re so glad she does! As if that weren’t good enough, she’s a geek too! And we mean that in the most respectful of ways, because we kinda dig geeks. You can find Kelly teaching programming classes at NYC Resistor and doing some freelance PHP development. Wow! Welcome to Modern Mouse, Tinysaurs, and thanks!

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