Artist Profile: Cathy Durso

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I’m always in need of a new notebook. They are just so useful and always in demand! They’re even more wonderful when they’re all dolled-up like Cathy Durso’s handmade notebooks, brought to you from Watertown, MA. If you haven’t seen her notebooks yet, she binds, hand-embroiders and uses archival materials. I think that’s very important since I like to save my pages as keepsakes from various areas of my life. Durso is now one of only a handful of artists at Modern Mouse that is based on the East Coast of the US, that’s a claim to fame if I ever heard one! :)

Cathy Durso

Cathy Durso

Softcover Journal, Fuschia & Gold Floral

Cathy’s Story
Though I made my first book before I could even write (a story about a crazy monkey doing ballet in jail that I illustrated, and made my mom transcribe and staple together), my start in bookbinding really began in college at the Art Institute of Boston, where I took my first bookbinding course. I was hooked, and spent some time honing my craft before starting my business on Etsy in 2011. Since then, my business has grown to include a large percentage of custom work, from personalized embroidered journals to artist portfolios and keepsake boxes, which I sell through a variety of venues including my own website.

Softcover Journal, Blue & Gold Waves

“In my other life…”
I am happy to say I’m a self-employed artist and bookbinder, as of April 2014. I do have a Master’s degree in library science, as well as my BFA. Before jumping into full time self-employment, I worked for the estate of a Boston artist, where I cataloged and organized his artwork and related materials.

Hardcover Journal, Rainbow Lined“Did you know…”
I intensely dislike the smell and taste of popcorn.



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